Are We Friends Or Lovers?

It is common to see people in dating find themselves in an awkward situation particularly when they are confused whether the person they are going out with is in love with them. This becomes worse when one feels something special toward the other person but not sure if the other person also feels the same thing for them.

Indeed, finding yourself in this rather uncomfortable situation can be emotionally taxing not to mention how stressful it can be knowing that you have already fallen for the other person but not quite sure if he or she is also feeling the same. Sometimes, there are some people who are fond of giving ‘signs’ that they are interested towards someone but won’t confirm categorically that they indeed see someone special.

Know the signs

c2If you want to make sure whether a guy is interested on you, you need to be familiar with the signs that would tell you that a person is indeed interested on you. To be able to know this, you need to know the behavior of a person who’s into someone or interested to someone. Right from the get-go, you need to start reading the signs and taking notes of the noticeable behaviors, which would help you make a clearer judgment whether or not the person you going out with is indeed interested also with you.

Probably one drawback on this approach is the possibility that you are misreading the signs, which could to problem instead of making your life much easier. When you’re hanging out, watching out for sings can get into the way of you enjoying your date and the opportunity for you to get to know the person much deeper. But if you know how to execute this without ruining your moment to get to know each other, then there’s totally nothing wrong with it.

Let Things Unfold

If in your observation you have learned some of the signs that made you realize that there’s really something special going on between the two of you, don’t fall in the trap of pushing things. Even if you feel that the person you are going out with is indeed interested in you, all you got to do is to enjoy the precise moment and don’t be too jumpy in giving out signs that you too is interested with him or her.

If possible, you should just let things unfold on its own. Indeed, there’s always time for everything and even if you feel for yourself that the other person is really start to fall for you, you don’t have to give in as well. Aside from the fact that you need to enjoy the moment while it’s unfolding, you also need to know that going too far might ruin and spoil the romance that’s about to happen.